zaterdag 23 april 2011

Roof finishing and enjoying each others company

More about the development of the frame that supports this roof later. We are in the stage of putting on the wood ridges for keeping the tiles in place. They are 100 year old tiles. None of them are the same. But due to the flexible nature of these small pieces of wood they hang onto the roof perfectly well.
We found a way of working to gether with ease. Everyone finding the place where a hand with it's character and background functioned perfectly well. Michel had worked on a 4 story project in Germany before. In the beginning he had no hands left when they asked him to hand over a tool. Because he could see the church clock on the opposite side of the street, he experienced it as so high he would use every limb to cling to the roof. The masters were sauntering all over the place as if they were comfortably on the sidewalk. Together we move alover the roof. It is holding well due to heavy beams from the woods around our house. Chestnut fresh wood, old oak also a 100 years old and leftovers from the big roof of the main house. Craft learning and working together is very satisfying. Michel and Agnes again. Together with Nol and Barbara. We created a line together to tranport the tiles quickly up the roof. We already discovered there are some things we need to look into on other roofs to know how to finish the edges. That will come later.

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