woensdag 7 december 2011

You are welcome!

This area is dedicated to be a place to lounge, dine & receive guests, having a green world hanging from the glass house frames and so creating the atmosphere of a small paradise. The water comes from the roofs and is collected in an underground reservoir. It will be filtered through reeds and sand. We will also let it fall to create a water sound. The stove that is now in the new kitchen will be our outdoor stove. It will be replaced by a design that more fits inside climate requirements. A combination between heating, cooking requirements & beauty.

donderdag 1 december 2011


One day we were discussing what we would put in the vertical plane of the glasshouse this winter. That same day Mile and I went to the local school. Windows were being replaced. Of the whole school... I looked at Mile and smiled. What will they do with that, we asked. It turned out we could get the whole lot. With the frames. They were sawed trough because of removing from the wall. But there is so much material that we can build three glasshouses. Barbara was already on the road to inform about closing material. We were already discussing solutions. And down came this bonanza! Sometimes one needs a little luck in a project. By the way it saves about 25000 kuna's. More than 3000 euro's. Mile's diplomacy did a lot for us to also get the old vacume windows. Excellent material for any next project. Like toilet, shower and water house.