vrijdag 15 januari 2010

Coffee is ready!

People asking me about our minus 20 centigrade winter adventure many times suggest that 'it must have been hard life'. Surely? Difficult no? Actually no.
To us it was a pleasant surprise we liked nature this much. We knew by our years of preparation. But that to us is nothing like the experience. Yes we were city dwellers dropped in the woods. We were lucky we liked it this much.

It meant shovelling snow from caravan to the house every day, in total some 80 meters daily. Also chopping wood and lighting fire every day. In the house we had a temporary kitchen we could heat. I would make the kitchen warm, make coffee and phone to the caravan to anounce: 'Coffee's ready, kitchen is warm'.
Then my wife would venture outside of the caravan along freshly dug paths. She was already pregnant of our present beautyful daughter Jelena. And Nol would be packed warmly and come for breakfast also.

As I am writing this we are preparing for the next winter. Wood we have plenty. House is being restored. At least it is dry now. That we could not say last period.