vrijdag 13 februari 2015

How we learn from nature

Stevo Mrdenovic teaches us a lot
Everything grows in nature
We learn by watching nature as we work. Also by asking the neighbors. How to stock wood for example. That they do for two years winter seasons. I didn’t know that. This season we will stock double. One for next year. One for winter 2015. From then on we have double the stock we use before every winter. Then in time you have the best wood ready for when the season changes. And so we grow.

Hospitality and agro possibilities on our terrain
Recently we found out we can start preparing for our camping. It will create possibilities for hosting workshops, paying guests and volunteers. It shows not every lawyer knows what he’s talking about. Double, triple check reputations might be a way out and prevent our situation. That we had to learn. Being out of money while possibilities are there. We experience this shortage and we keep on working on our goals. We’ll get there though. Never ever give up. That is also in our workshops. There will be difficulty. If you define that as: ‘The universe thinks I can handle that’….. It suddenly is a compliment. 

What if the economists are right?????
The growth we follow is like a political statement. My father burned out because of how government, lawyers and big money had made law so they could push projects over the backs of the citizen. That is where our democracy is out of balance. It is where the people fully report a NO to something and the government goes ahead anyhow. If someone gathers votes and says he’s going in a certain direction he’d better make that true in all actions. If not. UN!!! vote him or her. Then you can say you are so UN voted!!!! Go do something useful. Go drive a taxi. Then you learn about what the people really want. I would go straight back to taxi driving if I had to.

Same goes for where and what you buy. Just don’t buy the shares or invest in funds that manage shares of big coal, oil nuclear or whatever you don’t support. You might have noticed that the politicians and financers think that the citizen can and will pay for all that goes wrong in the economy. They must think that they have the money. Think about it. What if they are right?????? If we really can decide what happens because of where we put our money?? Just don’t pay for what you do not agree with anymore.
That is not to say you now are free to drive at a 250 miles per hour and not agree with a sanction that serves safety on the road. We do need a decent level of organization….:)

Interesting reads are Naomi Klein’s ‘This changes everything’. She shows vulnerable parts of our democracy but also very resounding triumphs of ordinary people standing up for their rights to live a healthy life. Like the people of Greece hopefully will these days.

Inspiring the young generation
We will design it so on our site that there will be an outdoor kitchen integrated in a lounge area. Connected to a pool and a building for washing, showering and going to the toilet. Also we will have space for training with up to 20 participants. Same number goes for beds ready on site. We will have light solutions for that. And some secret places hidden on the terrain.
We plan to go on working with the young people that come here. Here they can learn about how everything works in nature. We are still learning. And will be learning to the end. To that there is no end. We also look forward to having more people around us that love to live out here.

And taking care of the elderly. Restoring the chain that binds young and old together. Together we all go the same direction. It is more in the end that that becomes clear than during the voyage. It is life’s energy. It is life’s energy to stand for which you choose. And to learn that. And keep on learning. And celebrate we are going at 33 km per second in the right zone around the sun. Pretty amazing.


This project is in no way possible if we think to do it alone. We will need more support than we have asked in the past. There will be a permanent team assembled from those that One of the supports we will ask is financial. For specific projects. There will be offerings of participation in specific steps of the project. Also we are preparing our version of permaculture and personal development and project management workshops. We will publish our digital versions of both in the near future. For that there are some experts we will engage to help us launch those in a successful way. And in so doing finance our own development. In order to speed things up, we will campaign for funds for the start of 2015.