zaterdag 10 maart 2012

Cheese making ala Carlos

One day Carlos came in from Lubljiana. We started speaking about various things one speaks about  when one doesn't know each other. In short time he mentioned he could make cheese. He came in two hours later than the message from Sinisa we would get three goats as a present from him. I mentioned that to Carlos. And i grabbed our special goat recepee book from the bookcase. All pretty amazing. Then and there we decided we would arrange a cheesemaking workshop.
Bringing milk to temperature, keeping it there 15 minutes, coagulating the milk, putting in forms, putting under pressure in a cool place for a time. To age the cheese. Enjoy!
Max and Sinisa came from Blatusa to join as well as Anja our neghbour. All in, the cheese is maturing in the larder now. Goats will be coming shortly. We will make a nice house for them. And know how to make cheese.

Eten vinden wij belangrijk

De keuken krijgt smoel. Het werkblad in de keuken is een oud blad uit de school uit Leiden waarin de vader van Rozemarijn les gaf. Een oud loodzwaar beukenblad waarvan we er twee in Kroatie hebben. Leiden leeft voort. De stad waar we graag zijn. Tegelijkertijd is het project en onze tijd in Kroatie een enorme verrijking. Het werken aan dit project is zeer inspirerend. Nog even en we kunnen boven koken.

Croatia working with Galicia

Working together on acacia balcony. In the foreground you see a very focused Carlos. He comes from Galicia. He has many specialties. Cooking, forests, making cheese among others. Today he suddenly was playing quite a good harmonica. He has many surprises. In the background Mile and Mirko are positioning acacia parts in the grid. Mirko uses a broad ax or bradva. It is a very old style tool. There are some tools that just are extremely effective. They are I can tell you ancient. This tool has appeared maybe a 1000 years ago. Maybe longer ago. The tool Carlos is using is much older. I don't know for the ax. It can be it's older than i think. I just can't find it.