vrijdag 3 augustus 2012

Remote, quiet, fresh & relaxing inlands

In the backlands of Croatia there are many such places. You only have to go off the main roads now and then and explore a bit. Many times the oldest houses are still being lived in. The circumstances are quiet, remote and relaxing. Croatia has only a 4.4 million population and 56000 square kilometers of surface. Compare that the netherlands; 34000 17 million inhabitants. 500 inhabitants per square kilometer vs. 80 per square kilometer. What happens if you realize most of the population lives in a couple of big centers like Zagreb? There is a lot of space there.

Chickens arrive and bring eggs every day

Chicken come from the market in Vojnic. As predicted, they began giving eggs soon after arrival. You see our son contemplating chicken, us gingerly putting them in their new quarters and.... eggs. We got two different ages of chicken. It meant the hierarchy was to the disadvantage of the younger ones. Next time we won't mix the two. They are doing fine now by the way. And the eggs are great.