maandag 1 oktober 2007

Bogata Suma. Going full speed into a green future

The field of the logo is Ferrari-red and the tree Classical British Racing green.

The branches of the tree reach for the sky. With this project I reach for the sky. Not only me, but Barbara and Frank too. Frank is the first shareholder that supports Bogata Suma. In the project many people will join and as a team go for it too. The fun is in the reaching.

The trunk is about solid connecting between earth and sky. Meaning the there is a balanced connection between ideas and foundations. The roots harbour 4 elements of character or elements needed in a project to be balanced. Between the roots there are 3 spaces. They signify beginning, middle and end or pupil, masters pupil and master. The three midieval steps before being able to run ones own workshop in crafts businesses.