zondag 30 september 2012

House without scaffolding

Scaffolding gone. At last we can see what the house looks like after all these months of work. You can see we are prepared for the winter. The pile of wood to the left also blocks the wind from the north. The turquoise car is our faithful workhorse. With it we transport wood out of the forest, building materials and what else. We are looking forward to the next winter.

Solar dryer nearly finished

Here is the dryer Barbara has long waited for. It is really simple. Everything is simple. But all things together is a lot. And becomes a 'lot to do'. The dryer works because behind the glass is a blackened surface. Sun hits it and an airflow starts. In the top are drawers with fine mesh. On those one can put mushrooms, tomatoes, apples etc. Everything you want to keep through the winter and be able to use off season.

dinsdag 11 september 2012

Clearing ground quickly

Clearing terrain can be sometimes easier when you put in a mechanical monster. What would have taken us weeks, took this steel creation a half hour. It caused a dust storm at the time. Pieces of wood shot out of the back over a hundred meters. Like arrows. This is in preparation of parking and entrance to the camping to be. When terrain is being cleared, space appears. Shrubbery can be blinding. And again, sometimes a mechanical tool can clear away things that you imagine are going to take for ever doing. And yet, also that can be a fantasy. How to do it simply. With the natural means. Is still a challenge.