dinsdag 19 augustus 2014

Relaxing at cafe Markan at the Korana river.

This is one of the places we love to go to. It is in the area of Barilovic and this is the Korana. The wall in the water served a watermill. And mark the boat. It is of a very simple design. Easily made at home.
Here we go to cool off. In the first years we didn't have a bathroom. So as soon as possible in the season, we would be the first to 'dip in'. The local population usually waits a little longer before they declare it 'summertime' let's jump!. Under the stony bottom crayfish are hiding. The water is usually christal clear. It creates the Plitvice waterfalls and lakes. Next to our little paradise is Cafe Markan. Family owned, you can sit in the shadow under the trees and be served all day.
'The sun always shines at the Korana you know'. Now you must be frowning...... Like, what, summer? We missed a serious amount of sun. This season was different from all seasons I experienced ever anywhere. The amount of rain falling in one night recently would be enough for 3 months in autumn. So the summer elected to take some time off this year.
And really cafe Markan is the place to go. While it is sunny :) .