zaterdag 23 april 2011

First (adorable) pair of wooffers in the garden

Barbara, Michel and Agnes in the garden. Michel and Agnes arrived a couple of days ago intending to be with us for two weeks before travelling to the middle east. They are travel lovers. They have extensive travel experience one of them having been to Mongolia. In those areas apparently you say 'cho!' to a horse to make it move forward. I tried it on Agnes but she didn't respond. I was not using the right intonation. What seems to work with the animals also has a relation with people by the way. Buying broccoli which is called 'brucola' in croatian you can have a hard time getting what you want due the specific nature of the sound. Despite the fact you are really in the vegetable department. We were most certainly not in the electronics department, under wear for that matter.
There is probably a lot we can learn from them and our experience together. Strangers never personally introduced, suddenly living in close quarters. They stay in the 60's caravan we lived in before. Together with Barbara they already produced amazing results in the garden. A horseshoe bed and some other beds already. As well as part of a roof. Now took a hike to Petrova Gora with the hunter restaurant and hotel at it's base. A hike of 5 hours back and forth from our place.

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