zaterdag 23 april 2011

History ends in the scrapyard

History is reflected in the scrapyard. Because I want to create metal objects again I visit the local scrapyards to see if there is anything I might use in the coming designs. What you see is a german helmet and a set of axles. This type of axle has been used for some time since the idustrial revolution. Most of the time they are converted to tractor connecting carts. But sometimes things don't have use for the owner. Practically all old tools are becoming museum objects or are given away. With some nostalgia my neighbour explains the working of those tools. Their way of living is in transition. They might think their way of living is ending because the median age is rising. But at the same time there is an intense interest in living off he land again. And learning the old techniques and use of old tools.
Two wars have not helped in maintaining the self sufficient way of life in these parts. Nothing however will stop youth from picking up old tools and stuff at the scrapyard and learn from the past. We will do our utmost to boost this movement. We are enjoying these first beginnings. You are welcome too.

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pim zei

Net zo gek allemaal, die Nedcro's !

Ha Peter, je moest eens weten wat ik allemaal tussen "oud vuil" uit haal.
Mooie oude gietijzeren pannen, diverse prima houten ramen (met glas) ideaal trouwens om vroeg zaden te planten !

En als ik ergens naartoe ga met de auto, heb ik m'n zaagje, schroevendraaier en tang bij me, want zelfs gedumpte bankstellen hebben van binnen soms prachtig beukenhout.

Rotzooi ?, ja, wat ze bij Mc. Donalds verkopen, he he he.