zaterdag 23 april 2011

Garden work in the kitchen

Beginnings in the kitchen. It means there is no greenhouse yet. Seedlings get tended by Barbara before going out in the garden. They stand behind the windows for a time. You see they reach for the light. If in an unconscious moment one moves the box 90 degrees, next day there is a squiggle in their stem. I once turned the box 90 degrees one direction. Next day they had corrected their position. On cell level it means a lot of work is going on changing pressure in one side, relaxing on the other. I don't know exactly how they do it. It is like the sunflowers following the path of the sun to get optimum exposure. Anyhow, this is preparation for garden produce. A greenhouse is in the planning. From around the world we see extraordinary experiences with food coming from greenhouse heated by sun. High in the Rockies or near the Arctic circle people are finding that it is entirely possible to produce through the dark days. I am looking forward to it.

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pim zei

Gaaf werk he, zaadjes in potjes en pakweg een week later al kleine friemeltjes.

Zelf net drie soorten aardappelen (test) gepoot en een massa zaadjes geplant.
De snelle jongens zijn vooral de sla, basilicum is wat sloom, de rest gaat z'n gangetje.
Tof werk, echt genieten, nu en straks nog veel meer.
(zaadhandel v.d.wal heeft zelfs biologische geteelde zaden).
Pozdravi iz Svinisce, Pim.