zaterdag 23 april 2011

Picking up building materials

Roto bales. Bought last year. They were stored at the farm where we bought them. Per piece they will be transformed into smaller regular bales. While we were helping the driver to move the bales to more favourable position, we awakened a porcupine. She was still rolled up in winter position. Spring had not penetrated under the bales yet. While it has already been warm since february. Insulation is exactly why we are applying them.
By the way, the porcupine I lifted with both my hands out of it's winter berth. Under protest of the guys. You cannot lift this animal bla bla. I put it in a safe place under a tree. So it could gently come to out of his winter conciousness. It got out remarably fast and sauntered of in search of new lodgings.
The farm at wich we bought the balas is owned and run by a three generation family. They have about 80 hectares and 60 cows. Every time we came we would sample their domacia products. Home made. Every family has preferences and style. Things are recognisable same product but definitely different in taste. That goes for the rakia too.... :)

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