zaterdag 23 april 2011

Nol's house building in progress

Different materials go into the construction of Nol's personal house. He designed something. We go to work. Collect chestnut trunks, beams of a 100 year old shed, burned parts of the old roof of the house. The burned part turns out to have a beutiful tan because of age of the wood and that it has been burned. It gets a varied hue during cutting off the charcoal.
We used an age old axe for that. Or actually I don't yet know what to call it. But around the tool is appreciated for it's quality. The young neighbors also appreciate the tool. Sinisa, a Croat good friend of mine in Blatusa, is also building in wood. He is discovering and learning about wood also. I sense a healthy interest in crafts here in Croatia. The older generation also reflects on the experience with wood houses compared with stone. After all, they like the wood houses better. They were warmer. That speaks for itself I would say. Stop building in stone. Costs less energy. Wood is renewable. And everybody can build themselves what they want. For the heavier work you invite your friends. Afterwards you can renew friendship with a drop of this and a bite from that. (Rakia, wines & swines)

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