zondag 17 maart 2013

Working together to create beauty

Ian posing as rightfully proud woodworker, designer, lifter of people to a higher quality level. 19 years old when he came and visited Bogata Suma end of 2012 he was an example in thoroughness, dedication in detaildness and also in influencing his surroundings to work on a high level of quality. He was an example for Mile, Mirko and last but not least me. He is from Philadelphia US. His father is a longstanding architect in the area. Ian must have inherited something from his father in the way he works. We will remember him when we feed rabbit in the cages he built. When we breed plants prior to planting we will work in the hothouse in the hothouse he created. He left a lot of traces. We are looking forward to his creative next steps in life. The porch was a created as exercise for Mile, Mirko and me to jump to a higher quality level of working with heavy wood. We will by successfully finishing this project be able to advertise what we are able to do. We will use the acquired skills to offer building capacity to projects in the region. Thereby we will probably start a new activity in building. Also inspiring a team to move on to a high level of quality is a challenge. The mind wants easy solutions. It takes concentration to maintain the course. It also shows these things can only be done as a team. So we thank this team. We are looking forward to many new projects where we can exercise creativity, dedication and fun and create beauty. In being together as well as the building results.

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