zondag 17 maart 2013

Googling in piles of paper property documentation

Every country in the world has it's own system for organizing, documenting and storing. The separation of Yugoslav countries also had to take place on administrative level. Through hundreds of years ownership, use, inheritance etc of real estate was done between people. It wasn't updated with every change in reality. Someone died. Family continued use of lands. Hey, we live here. What do we care about administration. Life is more important than paper. If you want to know something, if it is in the piles of paper they know their way in and the pile of paper has your document hidden, they know how to find it. They have some system in their head and they know how to google in age old piles of paper. They walk straight to it, pick up a bundle and out comes your document. And mind you, there are I think miles of those piles.

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