zondag 17 maart 2013

Optimal vehicle combinations

Somewhat ominous here you see how our trailer is filled with a cubic meter of sand. I googled the weight of that. It seems a cubic meter weighs up to 1,5 tons. The trailer was way over it's maximum therefore. I took it easy. Anyhow, the mazda pickup and the trailer are the best buy if you know you are building. If you are building your own project and involved in buying and transporting a small pickup and trailer are indispensable. Masses of material can be bought by truck. In between and smaller loads you have to do your self. Otherwise the supplier is going to take the most effective way to get the goods to you. You will not know when they will arrive. Also transport costs are going to go up. The trailer is 3 meters long. The pickup is up to 14 years old. Technically that is also an advantage. These days auto builders are more and more choosing to build cars and profit from repairs. Therefore the cars are less durable. I am glad I bought a slightly older combination.

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