vrijdag 15 maart 2013

Porch of natural beams heavy woodwork

Ian Rosenberg had already put in place rabbits cages and a hothouse in a hothouse. The hothouse in the hothouse had been finished in a high quality way as had the rabbit pens for that matter. We learned quickly from Ian that dedication and quality get a deeper meaning with his kind of thorough and detailed focus. On his own he lifted our level of quality more than the proverbial inch. I experience myself as sometimes pretty stubborn, but his level of quality left no space for denying. For this 19 year old I take off my hat. As did Mile and Mirko. I was thinking of a new project that could challenge all of us. Meaning Mile, Mirko, me and not in the least Ian. The heavy woodwork is meant to have a different effect than an efficiently built, precisely calculated, sterile porch. I wanted some heavy duty verticals and ditto horizontals that made one solid impression. Something one might expect in a movie about dragons. An idea of future projects. For ourselves as well as to inspire others. Maybe that we might be hired to build in a natural way for clients. So a challenge to later advertise our acquiered skills. In the meantime, as I write, this exercise is already bearing fruit. About which later. As Ian is the son of an architect in Philadelphia, he was already familiar with sketching a structure. Here is what he came up with after discussing the ideas.

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