donderdag 14 maart 2013

Party time and friendships

Party time. Roasted pig ready to be prepared for eating. It has lived on the land with it's siblings and at some moment in time it's life is taken. It has been fed natural foods and that one notices. It is flavored with herbs from the countryside and simply is irresistible. Next to that the pigs fat is used in many preparations. Also delicious sausages are made as well as bound smoked meat. Along with good company, a glass of good wine and a salad that is why we came to Croatia. They still know self sustainable living. In times that food prices are soaring something that needs to be cherished. As an original city dweller we are not yet so far we can prepare our own pigs yet. We learn step by step. And for sure from our neighbors who are becoming good and trusted friends. A pretty intense way of life actually. In the city I experienced relations with many as fun and entertaining. Here it is more basic. We live with a kilometer of forest separating us. We see each other a couple of times per week. Much more intensive that in the city. There it is minutes or seconds of quality time. Here it is sometimes hours. It feels closer to me.

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pim zei

it IS closer, it IS BETTER !!!!

being blessed with a good amount of dutch "let's do it" mentality, and not afraid to experiment or learn, life is great here.

one moment I cook (and I am a damned good cook) for a group of neighbors, next moment they invite us to some great meal.

people visiting croatia MUST, if only once, experience how good our life behind the coast (called zagora) is !
once they get the message, the go home with a little change in their mind and a spark in their heart.
croatia is fantastic !