maandag 16 april 2012

Roofbuilding team enjoying ice cream

You see a chain of people working together to move tiles up the chain to close the roof. In this moment it was so warm they paused to have an icecream cone. The horizontals meant to keep the tiles up are 5x3 centimeter wood. The other side was made of scrap wood that came from a sawmill. My idea was to get cheap wood. But actually the scraps were scraps. Not so much useable material. In the end the sorting and organising of the whole heap costed so much time that we decided to take what was usefull and alass, burn the rest. Also in construcing it appeared that the scrapwood sometimes was so thin you couldn't walk on it without breaking it. An idea that scrapwood from a sawmill can be useful can be just that: an idea. Something that exists in the head but in effect has some consequences not recond on. So one has to conclude that something is a mistake. When that is the case, be drastic. Take your loss and burn or ditch your mistake. Don't let the idea withhold you.
I must say I enjoy working with various people together in teams. What happens is we create easy functioning teams. Barbara and me select from the emails those that appear interesting from the point of gut reaction. Until now we can be proud as husband and wife on having so good experiences being WWOOF hosts. This year has started in an incredible way. I trust we will have a lot of fun with the visiting volunteers this year. Also having a child learning all the languages he can by connecting to so many different people is encouraging. Keep you posted.

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