maandag 16 april 2012

The 'Ooee sisters band

Ruby en Emma Day Branch of Maine
Here are two beautiful people. With their mother we exchanged sweet notes about those two. We had a lot of fun and all kinds of exploring discussions about life, earth, education, the system and so on. We came to the conclusion that living in your own piece of the earth, working the earth, celebrating once everyso often and eating from the earth would be a worthy way to spend ones life. And spreading that message too.
And work they could. They are two locomotives. Searching their way to life yet decisive when a plan needed executing. Mile and Mirko, our two local workers, noticed their endurance and other qualities too. Making beautiful doors shine, colouring a wall, decorating our topfloor, they were versatile, energetic and creative. No doubt they will succeed in their country initiative. With a complimenting nod to their mother Katey and late partner. It was a mutually inspiring period. Remembering them still inspires us and brings a smile to our faces.
Fleur looked around corners in the house expecting them to be there. She would call "Ooee". Her rendition of Ruby. Whenever they open up an initiative in Maine US, we’ll mention them. It will be worth visiting.

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Emma DayBranch zei

From the Oowee sisters band:

Our time at Bogata Suma was, despite (because of?) the meters of snow, such a rooting experience for both of us. The hours and hours we spent nuzzling our way through your library and sharing our questions and conversation has given way to a greater clarity in our hearts and minds concerning how we want to spend our wild and precious lives.

How we miss you all! Fleur and Nol are such extraordinary children; bright lights in my life. You know you always have a place to stay if your travels bring you to New England.

p.s. Dandelions are popping up, that means Barbara's liqueur will be a brewin' in this kitchen

Peter zei

We are looking back with fond memories of these to lovebirds.