maandag 16 april 2012

Croatia and westcoast US team

You see Mile posing with a beerbottle accompanied by Mirko, Jason and Max. They were dudes from the westcoast. Unbeknowst to them, Fleur called them respectively Ruby and Emma. They worked on finishing the roof of the small cattle stables and on terraces for our vinyard and worked in the garden.
They came travelling via various woof-farms to our place. Passing through England met with some stern frowns about working without a permit. They were actually sent back on the first plane, without a refund. When in a later stage they passed that hurdle, their luggage was put on a train to Siberia. They had to go back to Austria to try and pick it up. They didn’t succeed. Just remember to put your luggage in the same wagon as you are sleeping. Otherwise you might wake up to a previously non existant window at the end of your carriage. Beyond which endless, is the iron road. In this case to Novosibirsk. Together they formed a wonderful team. Both of them have sustainability written in their future. We had some deeper exploration of that after them being with us for some time. We touched upon working with vision, values and action plans. In that there was heartfelt connection.  First they are going to take education as a next step in that direction. By the way, the beerbottle you see Mile holding gave way to the joke of the day. Amidst cries of my team I took a swig, thinking (not looking) it was beer or water. I burped old cartersmell for the next 48 hours.

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