maandag 16 april 2012

Partners in making dreams real

Here you see materialisation of an idea.
A good old friend of mine, Richard van Drie from Amsterdam came by. He looked out of the tattered roof and in a flash he saw we had to do something about an apperture in that location. On top, westward looking. How we did not know. That materialised later.
The road to that materialisation is not only thanks to me. Far from it. I have cursed some twists in this road to materialising. Yet there were many who stayed the way. I listened to many a wize word.
We tongue in cheek call it "Richards hole" nowadays. I sometimes remind him to come and enjoy his baby. Barbara my wife is also a stayer in this. The idea that I could not do many of my dreams alone came from a different corner. Ellen van den Honert awoke me to that idea. She follows her dreams in Switserland. Where she does a lot of musicwork. Gerard Smeets is another trusted guy who sometimes grumbles something in my ear. I don't always listen. It sometimes takes some time to realise something needs to be different. But he has been disconcertingly right some important times. Not to forget my mother who allowed me to use some family capital to realise this dream. And what about my impossible father who inspired certainly the environmental part and very certainly the creativity in designing garden and house.
How family life of the far past unfolded is a distinct source for my following my dream. I will use that to any ones advantage in the near future.
We mean to set up a foundation that lays foundation of hospitality in our local area. The foundation will fund some limited local projects like up to a level refurbishing old houses to prepare for tourists. It will serve educational purposes. It will help local people to up their financial position from being uncertain and near drowning allways. There are some powerful partners around me to realise all that.

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pim zei

een prachtige ruimte in een eindeloze ruimte !
compliment aan alle doeners die dit samen gerealiseerd hebben.

nog niet zo slecht he, om je dromen in daden om te zetten en er van te genieten.

jullie daar, wij hier, kroatie is mooi !