maandag 12 december 2016

This year was awsome again. It gets better every year. Inspiring projects and cooperative results. As well as things that did not go too well. But taken in the stride and absorbed so we know better next year. Finishing things has been a challenge in the past. Still is. So special attention is paid to when we start new projects. That is when an other project has been finished. Normal one would say. For other it is a challenge. We are learning.
Next year will see steps made in creating the right setting for hospitality to develop. The aim is to have outdoor kitchen, lounge combined with water house (cleaning showering) and swimming pool. That would seem like enough goals. We have some more. 
Next year is animal year. Building stables therefore. Goats of a special swiss kind, a local strain of pig, some new birds. Alpaca's are maybe a step too far for 2017. That takes learning too. As all animals and the care they need.
The volunteer organisation will be contained by a foundation. The volunteers will be organized in teams that are organized in themes. Preparations for that are under way as well as formalizing the foundation. A new way of working will grow. It is clear we cannot and should not want to do all. It is also the aim to have more people live around us. Space will be adapted or built for some to come and live here. Over time teams will take themes of animals, garden and park development, kitchen and foundation team. So we can cooperate and build village life. A life where elderly can be and live a life in a natural village setting. Supported by the young. A setting for the young to learn this natural life from the elderly. For that the foundation will be attracting funds.

All in it is going to be another explosive year at Bogata Suma.
All this is possible because we as a team are growing. Through training in permaculture for one. To have natural growh take place. But definitely because of personal development and the seeking of support outside our small family. Volunteering is inspiring. We will build an honor wall for all those that have been here. Those that have been here some of which you see in the pictures above. Personal development training to have a success system support us is another aspect that is developing under the experience of the projects at Bogata Suma. It is certain systems in practice that make that we can take the load we are taking. And sound financial management. Barbara can take credit for that. There are more that will be named later.

We are looking at a very promissingoutlook for 2017. We hope to see you here and join us in a beautiful project with many fun and inspiring things to do in the coming period.

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