woensdag 14 december 2016

What does Bogata Suma stand for? Rich forest.... A place in nature to relax. To learn and enjoy together to create quality things. Have great results and celebrate. We are looking ahead. Many things will develop in 2017. We decided that learning is a big part of our initiative. We need to learn every day to create what we want. Work hard at getting results and enjoying it. And at the proper moment stop and celebrate what we have reached. And then, sit and do nothing but sit, enjoy good food and company and celebrate that again. When does celebrating ever stop???
As we were used to live in the city of  Leiden, we went to stores to get everything we needed. Warming the house came from pipes. Electricity via wires. That is normal. Now we warm the house with wood. The whole year we are collecting a little bit of wood here, a little bit there. Anything that breaks off a tree and is sort of useful, we pick up. Cut in small pieces. And stack. That way there is a continuous flow of wood to cook and heat the house. Integrated within the moves we make anyway. How can we use this in more contexts? We'll experiment with that in 2017. Our 'Get connected year'. A year for a selective few to come and enjoy with us this exhilerating life out in the forest.

We are building a core group that can support the many initiatives that are planned. We have a group that is connected and active on direction level. Next to it are themes. Animals, housing and maintenance, garden and forest design, conserving and food, foundation general management & volunteer organisation, training and education programs. The background idea is that the environment in which we work is organized in productive results as mentioned above. Proper legal structure will ensure everybody is feeling well served in connecting and joining this initiative. For inspiration, ask about Findhorn foundation in Scotland. See how they are organized. Or Sieben Linden in Germany. I let myself be inspired by many more of those initiatives.
If you think it's time for you to come and join a starting group to create a village and initiatives in nature? Contact us at www.bogatasuma@gmail.com. Or call 00385955088572 to come and meet us and exchange what you would contribute to a passionate life in nature. We are there to serve you serve nature. To inspire you to make natural choices. And to celebrate and take pride in creating beauty. Till we in our right moment feed the trees again.

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