zaterdag 30 april 2016

Living in nature and having lot's of inspiring people around.

Looking back to 2015.
We have so much to be grateful for.
So many people came into our life.
Ursula and Chris from New Zealand, Chris from Australia, Yaean from Whales, Ursula from Germany, Stanko and Mile (Kalimero) from Vojnic, Romana and Wurda from Vojnic, Robert from Dallas Texas, Julian from Canada, Bastien from France, Magda Pichler from Croatia, Mayta and Renaldo from Brasil, Leighann and Keri from California. The California delegation later went to our family in Sierra Estronad in Aragon, Spain. 
Referring directly to our family in Spain also was a successful first.
If you want to visit them;

Igor Monojlovic from Vojnic, (canoeing) Mario and Monica from Barilovic, Robert Fran from Karlovac.

We also learned so much from our older neighbours, Stevo Mrdenovic, Janko Mrdenovic, Janko Vujic. Getting to know more 
How to smoke meat and make porkfat for the kitchen. How to work with a scythe and hammer it sharp. Old techniques and valuable. Why? Scythe needs no gasoline, exercises the body, is silent, doesn't stink and the cut grass is better for the animals.
Dutch friends who provided us with the million star camping idea. Thanks family Vogelpoel for that. Especially their great inquisitive son who is interested in numbers.
Hence the million star camping.

New people in our lives: Rene and Helga Pronk of  His photography and tours in Zumbarak, Croatia. 
Walking tours and wine routes.

We were supported by so many people  also.
Not to forget our financial administrative expert Kruno Karin from Karlovac Call for excellen fiscal service in Croatia 0916460007. 
Also certainly not to forget Barbara's parents. Who support is in more than one way.

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