zaterdag 15 oktober 2011

Changes and old techniques

The old is fading away, or is it? Here you see a typical horse and wagon combination that has been already dumped by many after the second world war in the midst of the new ways of transport. The forged iron detailing on some of these wagons is priceless. What tool is decorated like this these days? The cars around it certainly are not in any way. Besides decorative value, concerning change and how to handle it, the question could arise who will survive the next change? Let's assume that 2012 will be a year where we will go through an extreme change of our reality. Who survives depends on what is there after the change. So who fits what! Anyhow, what we are discovering in our gardenening project, too technical solutions do not always work. Noisy machines can be easily replaced with sythes. For this discovery one does not need big change and maybe no mayan calender. Maybe those that stay close to the technique with which this guy is crossing the bridge will be the survivors. Who knows? That is, if change comes suddenly, is global and has drastic consequences. Anyhow, if I think about next year, it is the mayan year. How accurate are predictions? That is and has been through the ages, food for philosophers, insurance agents and other advisers. The owner of this carriage is doing it his way. In the midst of all car fumes. Slowly but surely he goes werever he goes. Untill he returns to ..... :) known ends.

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