woensdag 5 oktober 2011

Itadaki mas

Saki came from Tokyo to volunteer with us and fitted naturally in her temporary surroundings. Calligraphy is her specialty and she is an artist. Every day she takes her bike to go to her studio in the heart of Tokyo. Her creativity became visible immediately through her effect on Nol. He changed style over night. Experimenting with ink and paper and a Japanese influence he connected to Saki naturally. She also cooked a Japanese specialty. Every meal she thanked for there being a meal, the cook & the hospitality of the moment. Itadaki mas is the saying! Thanks. Also Mirko and Mile connected very well with Saki. Mile took her to his family and friends. When they came back we were ready for dinner. We asked them if they wanted to eat and drink anything. With a defensive gesture in front of their stomachs they declined laughingly.

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