donderdag 17 mei 2012

Creating and materialising details is teamwork

Connected to the previous message; The detailing of the front, important design aspects have been added by Mile Knezevic together with Mirko. They have developed into faithful supporters of this project. I can rely on them to come up with solutions I hadn't thought about. As a team you can hear they are having fun working on the house. The combination with the old oak as basis for the white main cladding was Mile's idea. The view and building of a window on the west was Richards idea. The doors on the ground floor were given by Mirko. Stellagas in the supply room and workshop were given by the Auto Praonica (car workshop) of Vojnic. It has been decided a new door needs to be fitted in stead of the old front door. Actually it looks like a door, but it doesn't stop winter cold or summer heat. I am rather attached to the oldness of it though. The designing of the front door will be integrated with a small roof covering the small veranda around the door. It will be all one can do with natural wood. Quite crazy.

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pim zei

dat verdient een "comment".

het begint al een prachtplek te worden zo !
benieuwd hoe jullie groenten projecten lopen.
tip: zaai witlof, hier een daverend succes.
koop eventueel de fantastische "groente en fruit encyclopedie" van luc dedeene en guy de kinder, een enorm mooi en goed boek over de teelt van al wat eetbaar is.
(uiteraard geinterpreteerd naar jullie criteria).
succes team !!!, met alle volgende stappen.